The Listening & Speaking Fluency App

Create speaking and listening homework assignments in seconds. Track your students’ progress, scores and time-on-task at a glance.

The fluency training app for students and progress tracking dashboard for teachers.

11 activities that train English speaking, listening, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, fluency and more. With more activities in development.

Engaging and gamified. Trackable metrics that teachers want.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every class. Click lessons to add them to your custom assignments. Set start and end dates and track their scores and time-on-task.

Train speaking through shadowing and listening activities.

Use the app in class as gamified tasks or outside of class for homework. Students see assignments on their devices immediately.

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  • Microlearning lessons are designed for short bursts of learning which increases retention
  • Speaking, shadowing and listening activities lessons are designed for smartphones so you can study anywhere
  • Practice your speaking like never before. Get instant feedback on your pronunciation
  • Progress, scoring, and feedback mechanics all increase engagement and learning
  • Set up lessons in seconds and track your students’ progress, score and time-on-task
  • Saves you time from preparing in-class tasks and out of class homework assignments
  • No more manual grading of audio recordings, assignments or homework. All app metrics are instantly reported on the dashboard and downloadable
  • Eleven gamified and engaging activities train speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, fluency and more

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English Bento is a complete digital language
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Listen and Say

In listen mode, users listen to natural English in context. In say mode, users practice speaking, pronunciation and shadowing.


Watch and contextualize language through videos. Remember details, make associations and strengthen your brain synapses.


Choose the best response to a series of incoming text messages by training your social-cultural understanding.


Arrange chunks of language to create grammatical sentences. This activity builds grammar knowledge and syntax.

How Many

Count the number of words you hear. This activity trains listening comprehension and repairs your interlanguage.


Choose the words with the same meaning. Create connections between synonyms, definitions and related words. Builds vocabulary.


Answer questions to check your understanding. Scale up your comprehension and knowledge.


Quiz questions to test your knowledge. Multiple choice format and fill in the blank format.

Built for teachers to save them time and reduce their workload

Use English Bento in any existing class, curriculum or program. You can supplement any textbook with dialogues, monologues, stories, articles, and practice sentences. It is the perfect addition to any existing program.

Create a class in minutes, and set up assignments in seconds. Then watch as the student metrics stream in. It’s that fast and easy. Track your students’ progress, score and time-on-task at three levels of granularity: summary, lesson or activity. There is a wealth of data for all types of teachers. Get started today!

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