• No passive activities.
  • Students are constantly engaged with English content on a second by second basis.
  • Gamification, scoring, and feedback are built into every question.
  • The system was built for smartphones with micro-learning at the heart.
  • Use English Bento in class with your existing textbook or assign it for homework.
  • No grading, no marking, no checking. But tons of metrics.
  • Your job as a teacher just got a lot easier.

How to use EB

  • English Bento can be integrated into any class, curriculum or program.
  • Use English Bento with any textbook.
  • English Bento can be used in class or for homework.
  • Set assignments on the dashboard and track progress with 3 metrics.
  • Instant grades and tons of feedback for your students without any of the tedious work.

How English Bento makes your job easier

Create homework assignments in seconds and track your students’ progress, score and time-on-task.

Never before could an instructor give 100s of students feedback on speaking, pronunciation and shadowing… until now.

No grading, no marking, no checking.

The app and dashboard do all the grading and feedback for you. All you have to do is check the dashboard.

Check 3 metrics at any level of granularity. You can check metrics at the assignment level, the lesson level or the activity level... all at a glance.

Quickly identify students having difficulties or those who have a high score with the sort function.

Know exactly who needs motivating and who deserves praising.

English Bento was designed to prevent learners from gaming-the-system.

The Metrics Connection, PSTT

Progress (P) is an indicator of effort.
Score (S) is an indicator of ability.
Time-on-task (TT) is an indicator of fluency.

The Dashboard

The dashboard has a wealth of data to help the teacher do their job more effectively. There are 3 metrics at 3 levels.

Metrics include - PSTT

Progress (P): indicates whether a question has been attempted.

Score (S): a proxy for ability. Each question has a maximum value of 100 points and is scored on mistakes and time to complete. Make a mistake or take too long and the learner loses points.

Time-on-Task (TT): keeps track of the total time engaged with the content.

Metrics are tracked at 3 levels of granularity - SLA:

Summary (S): the PSTT metrics for the assignment.

Lessons (L): the PSTT metrics for each lesson in the assignment.

Activities (A): the PSTT metrics for every activity in each lesson in the assignment.

The Activity - Skill connection

Since each activity trains a different English skill, you can use the metrics, PSTT, to identify where your students are having difficulty